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Define VIM shorcuts for ‘Tab’-related actions

Reference: https://superuser.com/a/622114

if has("gui_macvim")
" Press Ctrl-Tab to switch between open tabs (like browser tabs) to
" the right side. Ctrl-Shift-Tab goes the other way.
noremap  :tabnext
noremap  :tabprev

" New Tab
noremap  :tabnew
" Switch to specific tab numbers with Command-number
noremap  :tabn 1
noremap  :tabn 2
noremap  :tabn 3
noremap  :tabn 4
noremap  :tabn 5
noremap  :tabn 6
noremap  :tabn 7
noremap  :tabn 8
noremap  :tabn 9
" Command-0 goes to the last tab
noremap  :tablast